Safely changing website content using website versions

Kademi's versioning function allows you to work on a new version without your old version being affected, Follow these easy steps....

  • Once you have selected the
    'copy new version' button.
  • Enter an appropriate name for your new version - e.g- Version2
  • Select copy to create your new version of the website.
  • Note: You can only use simple characters only, no punctuation, dots, etc, all lower case.
  • You have the option of the two versions to work on.
  • Content within the website is versioned, including pages and templates.
  • The theme and enabled apps are also within the versioning system
  • Information outside the website is not versioned, for example users, groups, products, blogs and journeys.
We need to publish the new version of your website so new users or viewers can see it!
  • Once  the completed changes have been "acquired" and processed.
  • Simply click on the publish button to proceed to the next step.
  • The final step is double checking that you have selected the correct version to publish.
  • Click on the Publish button.
  • Your website is now live


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